Electronic Inventory Solutions

The EIS research and development efforts generate continuous improvement for our customers. We have in-house engineering expertise to design RFID inventory management solutions to meet your specific requirements.

The EIS research & development team works with leading manufactures to design core components for RFID inventory management solutions such as antennas, RFID passive tags, and RFID readers. Our designs have created substantial opportunities to reduce infrastructure costs while at the same time providing leading edge products for specific client needs.

  1. RFID Antenna Design
    EIS can design antennas to meet your specific application needs
    . EIS has a wide variety of custom antennas in stock that can be adapted to meet your application requirements.
  2. RFID Tag Design
    EIS tag design capabilities extend to all areas from active tags to passive tags, fully Integrated into your solution. We are partnered with high volume tag manufacturers that can meet demanding deployment requirements.

  3. Solution Engineering
    EIS can assist you in developing a “Total RFID Solution” that meets your specific business needs. As an example, EIS can asses your present business processes and develop a comprehensive solution utilizing RFID to create efficiencies that impact your bottom line, today.

  4. Field Deployments
    EIS has the experience and capability necessary to ensure a successful deployment of your RFID system. Large or small, our focus is delivering to our customers a fully integrated solution deployed on schedule and on budget.

  5. Ongoing Support
    We value our customers and are sensitive to their needs. We understand that   your business depends on quality systems as part of your IT infrastructure. Our customer service representatives strive to ensure your business experiences minimal down time.


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