Electronic Inventory Solutions

Founded in 2003, Electronic Inventory Solutions, Inc. (EIS) is an IT solutions company providing item-level radio frequency identification (RFID) systems to high value market niches. We design and manufacture hardware, develop software and integrate RFID components from third-party vendors into total customer solutions.


To provide our customers with a wide range of high value, cost efficient RFID inventory solutions that provide a competitive advantage through improved inventory and asset management, increased employee productivity, and theft deterrence. EIS is about achieving customer value today.


EIS focuses on item-level inventory and asset visibility within self-contained processes.

For specialty retail, EIS has developed a solution consisting of a handheld inventory reader that is integrated with an RFID-based security portal and existing point-of-sale information systems to address both inventory management and theft deterrence.

A complete RFID retail solution reduces shrinkage from customer and employee theft. Rather than relying on piece counts and periodic item level inventories, an RFID handheld provides a highly efficient and detailed item level inventory. In one minute, the EIS handheld can count, identify and document over one hundred items, whereas a less accurate manual count could take as long as 20 minutes.  A regular inventory of a retail location becomes simple and timely.


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